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“Great service. First off? They answered the phone at the weekend. That?s impressive by itself. Nice place to go in and do this unpleasant business. They were not judgemental but instead were helpful and friendly. Lindsay and Shelly were especially accommodating. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone in need. I would not hesitate to recommend their advice even if you?re on the fence. It doesn?t hurt to talk to them. And it may indeed help.”

~ Mark H.

“I highly recommend Ruben Law firm, very informative, fast, friendly, accurate, well priced. I will definitely do business with them again in the future if need be. The whole staff is wonderful.”

~ Shannon T.

“I am very happy I ran across this law firm. I went online and found Ruben Law. They were very helpful to answer all of my questions called me and email me back within hours of my reaching out to them. I talked to them about 3 times for more than 30 minutes and they never asked me about money. I did hire them and will recommend them. I must tell about a lawyer I went to before Rubin who told me I could not afford them. I guess it was based on my name because we never met. Thank you Rubin Law and I will be working with you again.”

~ Gloria P.

“David Ruben was great to work with initially over two years ago. Even after more than two years after my case he had been very responsive and helpful with a situation I had with that case. I could not have asked for a better attorney to work with....Thank You, David”

~ Marshall W.

“Going to Mr, Ruben was the best move I have made in my 23 years. He kept me relaxed and took control and got an outcome that I didn't think was even possible. I have a second chance. Knowing his background in basketball, I would have to equate him to being the Michael Jordan of lawyers. Thank you, Mr. Ruben!”

~ Gary R.

“I am extremely happy with the services provided by D. Ruben and Alyssa Schlafstein. David had spoken with me about my case, explained details and risks, he was in touch during the process. Alyssa was with me in court, I am very happy with her! She's reliable, confident, peoples person and a great negotiator! We won somewhere I thought was close to impossible! Thank you!! ”

~ Natalia B.

“Great experience. If you need legal help, this is the place to be. Great teamwork. I will definitely refer family and friends.”

~ Jynell P.

“David represented me for an absolute divorce. He is the reason that things worked out so well. In all proceedings, he was thoughtful and strategic with every word, pause and interjection. This was especially important during the final hearing. There were so many critical issues on the line. I was amazed at how well it played out and it wasn?t luck, either. David was thorough and positioned every important detail perfectly. I?m forever grateful - David remained committed and worked with me during some of the most painful times of my life. The overwhelming concern and stress has been eliminated. Thanks to David, I have been sleeping better than I have in years! His legal team was also amazing and the office manager for the firm has always been wonderful. They made me feel like I was the only client. It was beyond impressive!”

~ Ash

“I was extremely impressed from the time I called the office and even more blown away when I arrive for my first appointment. The staff is profoundly professional, provides top-notch service!! I met with Mr. Ruben, and when I tell you; he is very thorough from top to bottom in explaining every single detail of his office process concerning your matter of business. I was pleasantly pleased to say the least. I felt great vibes. I then began to work with one of his colleagues Ms. Lindsay Darnes and she is just amazing as well. She keeps you informed of the case, reply?s back to all email notifications in a timely manner, provides feedback of what?s in the best interest of your case. RUBEN LAW-FIRM IS THE BEST OF THE BEST!! You can?t find a better law firm that?s reasonable, direct, super professional and have their client best interest FIRST!! This law firm keeps you in the know of your case, by following up with their clients via email or phone or both. I say to You, please don?t look any further for TOP NOTCH REPRESENTATION!! You won?t be disappointed at all. Call The Ruben Law Firm his staff is truly Professional and Organized!! Thank you, Mr. David Ruben, Ms. Lindsay Darnes and Staff for making my experience Memorable, Respectful, and Overall A Satisfied Loyal Client Forever!! You All Are Truly Amazing and I Appreciate Your Time and Service!”

~ Dorinda M.

“I've had the pleasure to work with Mr. Ruben and the Ruben Law Firm team for years and I am consistently impressed with the respect and care they show us. Their team is so kind and welcoming. Ruben Law Firm genuinely wants what is best for their clients. We cannot recommend them enough!”

~ Ricky L.

“I came to David's office with a custody case that has been ongoing for years. David listened to my concerns and told me directly what was possible, not just what I wanted to hear. He also explained the steps forward clearly so I felt like I was actually part of the process. My experience in the court system had not been fantastic previously, but Davis has turned that around completely. If you want someone to represent you to the fullest, David is the attorney you should select. David also avails himself at nearly any hour of the day as well. I have received emails in response to the questions I?ve had over the weekend. I have also called in the evening and been able to reach him. David is also extremely fair on the fees he charges. The other attorneys, paralegals, and staff David has are amazing as well and are always friendly and return phone calls promptly, among a myriad of other things they have going on during the day. If you are on the fence about who you want to represent you, don?t be, choose David. You will be very happy that you did!”

~ Sarah

“I highly recommend Mr. Ruben and his law firm. Mr. Ruben represented me in my matter, achieving an outcome in my favor at a fair and reasonable price. Mr. Ruben's friendly demeanor, his confidence, honesty, and knowledge of the law immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable knowing that I entrusted my matter to the right hands.”

~ Lyssa M.

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