Maryland Seatbelt Laws

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Maryland Seatbelt Laws

States across the country have laws in place regarding the mandatory use of seatbelts when a vehicle is in motion. Of course, these laws are in place for common-sense reasons, as serious accidents through the years have proven seatbelts are among the most effective means for preventing serious injuries or even fatalities on the road. That being said, there are times where we forget to put on our seatbelt, and though you are not endangering anyone else, you are putting your own life in jeopardy. However, though a ticket from the police may be well-intentioned, the truth is, these tickets can have serious impacts on your life for years to come, outside of a simple fine. If you are someone who has recently received a seatbelt ticket in Maryland, please read on and contact our experienced Maryland firm today.

Seatbelt Laws in Maryland

In Maryland, all drivers and passengers are required to wear seat belts regardless of where they are seated in the car. Maryland?s new seatbelt law requires that even passengers over 16 in the back seat wear a seatbelt. Maryland?s seatbelt laws concerning drivers, front-seat passengers, and backseat passengers under 16 are primary laws. A primary law means that an officer can pull you over if you are driving while not wearing a seatbelt, if one of your front seat passengers is not wearing a seatbelt, or if one of your backseat passengers is under 16 and not wearing a seatbelt, even without witnessing another violation. Maryland seatbelt laws concerning backseat passengers over 16 are secondary laws. This means that an officer can only pull you over if you are committing another violation but can give you a ticket for both the other violation and the seatbelt violation.

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If you are someone who is currently facing a traffic infraction, you may have more on the line than you know. Once you get points on your license, you can expect your insurance premiums to rise, and, in the worst cases, if you have already accumulated enough points on your license, there is a very good chance you may even have your license suspended. This can drastically affect your professional and personal life, which is why you should never fight a traffic infraction alone. If you have received a seatbelt ticket, you know where to turn. Contact the Ruben Law Firm to learn more about how we can help you fight these tickets to ensure you retain your driving privileges and do not face repercussions on insurance premiums for months or years down the road. We have helped countless individuals in similar situations for over 20 years, and we are ready to do the same for you. All you have to do is ask.

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