Is the Lack of Security on Maryland Property Considered Negligence?

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Is the Lack of Security on Maryland Property Considered Negligence?

People who own their own property are required by law to make sure their grounds are safe and cannot cause harm to other people. This is done under premises liability law. For those who own properties such as apartment buildings, office buildings, parking lots, stadiums, and shopping centers, one way they can ensure safety is to have proper security. Continue reading below to learn more and contact an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney if you were injured on another?s property.

Why is Security Important?

People trust that property owners will fulfill their obligation of maintaining safe grounds that do not injure them. If they fail to do so and a person becomes harmed as a result, property owners can be held liable for negligence as a result. Part of protecting their grounds from danger includes having proper security in place. Otherwise, accidents can happen. Examples of unjustified lack of security can include but are not limited to the following:

  • A resident of an apartment building makes multiple complaints to a landlord about potentially dangerous people in common areas and the landlord does not take action
  • There are no security guards where they are needed
  • A property does not have security cameras to provide surveillance where it should be
  • There is no working alarm in an elevator
  • There are no security guards in a location where alcohol is served and intoxication can be a risk to public safety
  • There are no working door locks for entryways of apartment buildings, allowing easy access for robbers

In Maryland, security is required for residents, customers, visitors, etc. It is important to be aware that having property in a low income neighborhood is not an excuse for a landlord/property owner to not have the right security provisions in place.

Fulfilling the Burden of Proof

When a person becomes injured on another?s property due to a lack of security, they may wish to take legal action in order to recover compensation for damages. To be successful, they are required to fulfill the burden of proof. This means they must gather evidence that shows the property owner did not provide the necessary security, thus causing the accident. In addition to hiring an attorney for assistance, the following steps can be used in order to prove inadequate security:

  • Filing a police report in the event of criminal activity
  • Obtaining witness testimony to the actions that occurred
  • Taking pictures of the conditions or obtaining surveillance footage

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